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ur company offers a full range of services for the production and delivery of reinforcement cages for the bored piles and fondedile piles

Perfect build quality, the production of 15 tons per shift on the equipment of leading world producers of MEP Group

Volume of reinforcing structures:

- Production of light bulk reinforcing cages to 8 tons / shift

- Production of heavy bulk reinforcing cages (more than 3m wide on-site customer)

- Production of bridge girders to 5 tons per shift

Profiling of any complexity:

- Curved profiles of the armature (AI, AIII) diameter of 6 - 12mm clips, staples, paper clips, rings, spirals - up to 15 tons per shift (the bending angle of 180 degrees and tolerances on length /-1mm tolerances for bending / - 1mm )

Our ability to manufacture and deliver products on the day of the order
- Curved profiles of the armature (A III) diameter 16 - 40mm - up to 5 tons / shift

- Unwinding of reinforcement (wire rod) diameter 6 - 12mm. Length 1 - 12 meters - up to 15 tons / shift (no waste)

Systems of attachment for construction:

- Couplings for fittings connecting

- Bathes for tub welding
- Cups, instead of mortgages

Groupage welded and forged products:

- Forged fences, railings, grilles and other products to order


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